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10 Best YouTube to MP4 HD Converters 2024


Converting YouTube to MP4 HD simply means to convert a YouTube video to high-quality MP4, 720p, or 1080p. Basically, this high-quality conversion is obtainable using a YouTube to MP4 HD converter. Such YouTube video converters are specially designed for this purpose, and here are some of the best you can use.

Part One: Why Should You Use a YouTube To MP4 HD Converter?

The answer is quite apparent, you need a YouTube To MP4 high quality converter if you want the YouTube video you’re downloading to be available in HD quality. This also applies to anyone that wishes to convert YouTube To Mp4 1080p quality.

Below is the comparison that shows the reason why you should convert YouTube to HD MP4 quality.

Normal Quality:

youtube to mp4 hd

HD Quality:

youtube to mp4 hd

Part Two: Top 10 Good Alternative YouTube to MP4 1080p (HD) Converters

With Youtubetomp3.tools ranked the best YouTube to MP4 HD converter, you may want to know if there are other good alternatives you could try out, and here are they.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 1. Free YouTube To Mp4 HD Converter Youtubetomp3.tools

youtube to mp4 hd

Youtubetomp3.tools is a free YouTube to MP4 HD web app that allows you to quickly turn YouTube videos into high-quality MP4 video files that can be played back on various devices. This YouTube downloader application features a clear-cut interface and it is very easy to use. It allows you to download YouTube videos in various qualities, from 144p (low-res) to 720p (HD quality).

Furthermore, Youtubetomp3.tools features a multilingual interface and also allows you to turn YouTube videos to high-quality MP3 audio.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 2. FLVTO

youtube to mp4 hd

FLVTO is a simplified YouTube to MP4 high quality converter. It allows you to choose between MP3 and MP4 digital format when trying to convert a YouTube link. This application is available across platforms and can be easily accessed on any device. Also, the website does not show intrusive ads, providing you with a clear-cut window to focus and download as many YouTube videos as you wish.

The FLVTO YouTube to HD MP4 converter is 100% free and unblocked for all regions; hence, you can use this online converter irrespective of your country.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 3.tools2Conv

youtube to mp4 hd

Here’s another impressive YouTube to MP4 HD Converter, 2Conv is easy to use and all its features are available for free. Also, as a web-based application, you do not need to download any freeware to install on your computer; all you need is an active internet connection and a web browser, then you can access and use this YouTube to MP4 1080p converter.

2Conv does not support any restrictions; hence, you can download as many videos as you wish, one after another. The process is very simple, paste the YouTube URL into the address bar and click the “Download” button.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 4. Keepvid.ch

youtube to mp4 hd

Keepvid.ch comes in as the best alternative to the infamous keepvid.com, which is now obsolete. The online YouTube converter website allows you to grab YouTube videos in stunning quality, HD standard. This is achievable without you needing to download any executable or native desktop app. This YouTube to MP4 1080p converter features an intuitive interface that anyone can easily understand and use.

More so, Keepvid.ch is accessible on mobile devices, Windows PCs, and even MacBooks; you only need a web browser and stay connected to an active internet network. The interface also supports multiple languages.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 5. ListenToYoutube

youtube to mp4 hd

Just as other YouTube to MP4 HD converters on this list, ListenToYoutube allows you to download YouTube videos in 720p or even 1080P quality. It works very fast in analyzing YouTube video links; plus, the interface supports multiple languages, and you can use this app to download videos from over 1000 video hosting sites, including Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, etc.

ListenToYoutube also helps you download YouTube to MP3 for background play and offline listening. It is a multipurpose online downloader that provides much flexibility and YouTube download options.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 6. Ontiva

youtube to mp4 hd

The Ontiva YouTube to MP4 HD downloader is one of the top choices you should try out while looking for an app or tool that would allow you to convert YouTube to MP4 best quality. Interestingly, the online YouTube to MP 1080p converter is available to everyone irrespective of the user’s region or country. It makes YouTube conversion easy and seamless, thanks to the fast processing engine.

Ontiva YouTube to MP4 HD converter is totally free to use; however, you must deactivate your browser’s ad blocker before you can be able to use this tool. It goes on to support Denmark, Russian, and a few other popular world languages.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 7. Y2Mate

youtube to mp4 hd

Simply copy the YouTube video link (link of the video you want to download) and paste it on Y2Mate.com, and it’d help you to grab the video in HD quality. Y2Mate is a popular YouTube downloader/Converter application, which works very fast and supports quite a bunch of resolution qualities. Using this tool, it possible to convert YouTube to MP4 HD quality.

Y2Mate is easy to use and you can change the interface’s language at any time by clicking on the “Language Selector” button at the top-right corner. This tool does not download copyrighted YouTube videos.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 8. FastConv

youtube to mp4 hd

FastConv, as the name implies, is a YouTube to MP4 HD converter that allows to quickly turn YouTube videos into HD quality videos for playback on portable devices. This converter also supports many other video hosting websites. More so, it converts YouTube videos to MKV and WEBM formats, too.

The interface is simple to understand; although it does not support a multilingual interface, it is capable of downloading YouTube videos in 1080P. Hence, FastConv doubles as a YouTube to MP4 1080P converter and it is easily accessible across platforms.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 9. oDownloader

youtube to mp4 hd

Also available as a Chrome browser extension, oDownloader is a reliable YouTube to MP4 HD converter that works very fast and features a clear-cut interface. The downloader supports various resolutions, including 1080P and 4K quality. If you need to download the best quality of a YouTube video, use the oDownloader YouTube to MP4 HD converter.

More so, this app works for other video hosting platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. It is an ideal alternative to consider when looking out for the best YouTube to HD MP4 converter.

To download YouTube in 4K quality, you need a 4K YouTube Downloader. The web-app mentioned below is a worthy YouTube to MP4 4K converter.

Youtube to MP4 HD Tool 10. YouTube 4K Downloader

youtube to mp4 hd

As the name implies, this web-based application allows you to download YouTube videos in 4K quality. It is also easy to use and does not require you to install a native software program on your PC. YouTube 4K Downloader can be accessed across platforms and devices; it works very fast and presents a simple intuitive interface for downloading and converting YouTube videos.

Part3: How To Download 4k Videos From YouTube?

  • Search for the 4K video on YouTube and copy the link on the address bar
  • Paste the link into a YouTube to MP4 4K converter
  • Click the “Download” or “Convert” button, wait for the link to be analyzed
  • Select the 4K resolution option and download.


These YouTube to HD MP4 converters are free to use; they do not have any hidden paid features and you can access them from any device. With a Youtube to MP4 HD Tool you can download and converting YouTube videos as you want.

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